How to Optimize Google My Business | Klemtek Media


If you’re looking to verify your Google My Business listing please check out the first video where it will give you the basics for Google My Businesses.    In the second part we tackle the information tab, we go down in order if you would like to follow along. Make sure your name is…

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Marketing in the New Normal

As we see the numbers decline and we start moving into a new normal, there are three things you’ll want to focus on to market your business well.   Be Intentional. In your marketing, show your clients how you are going to continue to care for them and your employees. That means only sharing images…

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Social Media Style Tips

Hi, thank you for checking out our guide to Social Media Style. My name is Zach, and I want to take you through 3 steps that I walk through when we are working on establishing a voice for a client’s social media campaign. Right out of the gate, I want to assess the client’s website…

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