Google My Business for Beginners


This is a tutorial for beginners who would like to learn basic Google My Business, if you already have a listing and are looking to optimize it check out our other videos in the future. If you don’t have a listing, with Google My Business people can find you and your services by searching for specific keywords.   They regularly account for up to 90% of all online searches.  Make sure that you’re easy to find online!


How to set up a Google My Business listing.


  1. Create a business gmail account
  2. Sign in to and click on “Claim Now” or “Add Location”
  3. Enter your business name, category, phone number and website information.
  4. Pick the most specific category to your business
  5. Verify your business, there are 4 options:
  6. Postcard Verification
  7. Phone Verification
  8. Email Verification
  9. Instant Verification with Google Search Console


Once you have verified your listing go ahead and optimize it by adding images, videos, business descriptions etc. You can also post on Google My Business just remember the posts disappear after 7 days so make sure to post regularly. If you have any specific questions, contact us today!