How to Optimize Google My Business | Klemtek Media

If you’re looking to verify your Google My Business listing please check out the first video where it will give you the basics for Google My Businesses. 


In the second part we tackle the information tab, we go down in order if you would like to follow along.

  1. Make sure your name is the correct business name, do not add any keywords since it can be suspended due to violating Google guidelines. 
  2. Category, your main category should the one closest to your business services and business. You can add additional categories if it makes sense for your business, we recommend stopping at 5 additional categories. 
  3. Check if your business address is correct.
  4. Service Area, if you’re a business who goes out to customers like a plumber add locations to where you go to. We recommend adding 5-10 locations. 
  5. Double check your hours of operation, only include hours where you’re physically in the office. It is a violation of Google Guidelines to have incorrect hours and may lead to suspensions if things look fishy ex. Claiming you’re open 24 hours when in reality it’s 8-5pm
    • Special hours; add holiday hours to let your customers know if you’re open or not
  6. Short name, go ahead and claim a short name for yourself this will create a short GMB url that you can share with your clients.
    • Ex.@klemtekmediastpete
  7. We recommend checking your phone number every few weeks, people do have the ability to change a business number and steal clients. It’s always a good idea to do a thorough check on your information. 
  8. Website, make sure you include the full and correct url and add your appointment link as well. The easier people can contact you the better. 
  9. Services, once you click on this button it will take you to the services tab. Make sure you include all of your services. 
  10. Add any attributes you might have. 
  11. Business Description is very important! Add a short and concise description of your business, do not over keyword stuff it, add the main category in here as well. 
  12. Add any photos you might have, it’s a good idea to upload a few every week or so. 


At the end press save, your changes might take up to 3 days to fully show on your listings. Check periodically if the changes made were correct and continue to upload photos. Next month we will tackle posts and reviews! If you don’t have the time contact our marketing experts today and we can help you out!