Social Media Style Tips

Hi, thank you for checking out our guide to Social Media Style. My name is Zach, and I want to take you through 3 steps that I walk through when we are working on establishing a voice for a client's social media campaign. Right out of the gate, I want to assess the client's website and existing media and begin to get an idea of their current communication style. This extends from colors, typefaces, the voice they speak to their client with, the style of image... All of these pieces play a small part in the big picture of a client's brand. By assessing these things first and foremost I allow myself to step into their shoes, and ponder what I can do to add or elevate this voice, and what things will work or not work. Sometimes I have great stylistic ideas that are replaced with others because they don't fit a client best, or sometimes I come up with better ideas based on what the client already presents. Either way - the best way to win clients is with a unified front, and that is what this first step allows me to establish.


Next, we'll take what we've gathered about the brand's voice from our firsthand sources and begin to look for fresh visual inspiration from outsiders. This can be as simple as scrolling Instagram or Pinterest and building a saved folder or a board, or it can be assessing print magazines in a bookstore, and scrolling Dribbble for hours (Adobe's design answer to Pinterest). From whatever place you choose to gather references, you'll want to be saving these resources and holding on to them in a specific folder or bin.


Finally, you'll put some rubber to the road and create a calendar for your social media plan. This may sound mundane, but implementing this practice was one of the most game-changing things we've done for productivity at our firm. Using Google sheets or your calendar software of choice, build out a month long plan of what needs to be communicated. This can range from announcements, events, special deals, even cheeky content to help people know your business on a more personal level. Once you have this part written out, you can then turn around and work backwards - adding in visual references to match up with certain posts you need to create, and the final step, using your own brand as the checkpoint to if a social media post is ready to be sent out.


We hope this elevates and simplifies your social media creation process and assists you in creating a defined style. If you have any questions or want to reach out contact us today at (727) 344-9128.