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Web design is an absolutely critical factor in growing a business today. How critical are we talking here? Consider this: most website visitors will leave within 20 seconds or less. Moreover, studies indicate that you only have about 10 seconds to grab your audience's attention!

What does this mean for your company?

Simply this: your website needs to be optimized to not only capture the highest possible share of organic traffic but to also persuade your visitors to hang around for a while.

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60% of organic search engine visits come from mobile devices

How do I improve my organization's website?

This involves several interconnected factors, and things can get complicated quickly. But don't worry! Our team of experts at Klemtek have the knowledge and experience to help you navigate through this process. Here is a breakdown of our approach to web design:

  1. First of all, we meet with you to obtain a clear picture of your business objectives, brand sensibilities, and stylistic preferences. We'll toss around some design ideas, and get your feedback. If there's something you don't like about your current site, let us know! We'll be sure to fix it. 
  2. Next, we create a wireframe/mockup for you to review. If you like it, then we'll move on to the next step.
  3. We work with you to optimize your site's content and imagery. Copywriting is a big deal for SEO purposes. Plus, you want to give your users something interesting to read! In addition, we will either use stock images for your site or send our photography team to your office to take pictures up close and personal. These pictures can double as social media content!
  4. We then work on the development side of things. Our skilled technicians build out your site with custom themes and page designs. We also set up your website's analytics to track future performance.
  5. After the development phase has been completed, we test your site for any bugs or tweaks that need to be made. It can get tedious, but someone's gotta do it before your site goes live!
  6. Finally, we deploy your site. After it goes live, we leverage our analytics tools to measure performance and optimize your site as needed.

At Klemtek, we are all about making your business stand out from the field. For example, we are big on mobile-responsive web design. Some 60% of organic search engine visits come from mobile devices now, and since we've stayed alert to this trend, we're ready to optimize your website for all of that mobile traffic coming your way.

60% of organic search engine visits come from mobile devices

If you'd like to learn more about what Klemtek Media can do to increase your website's performance, contact us today to schedule a free consultation. We have extremely talented designers and web developers ready to give your site the boost it needs. If you'd like to learn more about the services we offer, and the advantages of partnering with us, reach out to us today to start the conversation.

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