How Can I Elevate My Current Website Content and What are the Benefits?

Some people think once they’ve set up their website, no further action is required. That’s not the case. Elevating the site’s effectiveness by evaluating its quality, and updating content frequently are essential actions if you want new traffic to your site to continue. Here are some guidelines that our team looks for in order to keep your site search engine friendly over the long term.

What are the First Steps to writing a successful blog?

  1.  Our marketing team conducts a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Audit: to determine whether your keywords are of the type and quantity needed to attract the people searching for what you have to offer. We measure things like page speed and mobile optimization, check for broken links, evaluate site security, and analyze your competitors.
  2.  Next, we come up with a content strategy for updating your current content and adding new pages. We always recommend Including video, and updating your pictures often! 
  3. While in the process of updating or adding new content, we will reorganize the information in a fresh format. Google likes easy-to-read layouts when it comes to information and will rank pages higher than others that follow this type of format. 

What are the Benefits of Optimizing Website Content?

If search engines don’t find your site, your potential customers/clients/followers won’t either. Following are the tasks we work on when looking to optimize content or ourselves or our clients:


Keywords should be relevant to the search words someone who would be interested in your site would choose. They should appear in page titles, H1’s and several times in the content of a page or post. Too many keywords, used improperly, however, can count against you. Our team knows how to use keywords in the proper manner and can implement this on your behalf! 

Page Speed 

If your page takes too long to load, many searchers will go on to the next choice. A specialist at Klemtek can help you revise certain aspects of your site so it will load quicker and far more efficiently.

Mobile Optimization

This should be the first checkbox on your list when looking at optimizing your website. YES. It is that important!! Most people search on cell phones these days. With this in mind, it’s imperative to make sure your site appears attractive, and displays information properly on phone screens as well as computers. This type of work takes an experienced developer and team. 

Broken Links

Links that no longer connect to an active site lower your site’s effectiveness. Seek them out and remove them on a regular basis. Our team equips the most effective softwares that automatically detect broken links so that we can fix them quickly! 

Site Security

Make certain to allow regularly scheduled updates, and install security software appropriate for your business. Lack of attention to security can pave the way for problems. Far too many times have we had clients come to us with malicious software on their website, spam emails coming to them out the wazoo, or no SSL on their site. Our team knows how to keep your site safe and operating 100% of the time. If issues do arise, we are just an email, or phone call away, and we promise to answer ASAP in order to resolve problems quickly! Our customer service is top notch and we not only care for our websites, but our clients themselves. We take relationships seriously! 

Check Out the Competition

A competitor analysis is something our team does for new clients right away. Keeping up to date on what your competitors are offering through their sites is vital to stay ahead. If you fail to do this, customers will be lost to businesses with more progressive sites. Our team is constantly looking at your competition and gives creative solutions to elevate your business above them all. 

Revisions Attract the Attention of Search Engines

Search engines get excited when they find new content. Click through rates increase when sites are kept fresh. All other factors being equal, the older the content, the lower its rank. That’s why changing your content around often in every possible way, keeps your site’s rank high, the result being that when someone searches for a site in your category, yours will come up higher on the list, ideally on the first search results page. 

If you are an independent person, we recommend starting with the below when looking to update your content! 

Remember to:

  • Change the organization of pages by using different sequences and new graphics.
  • Change the wording of content. The same concepts can be said in a variety of ways. For example: “Company name” offers the best-fried chicken in the region could be changed to state: For the region’s best-fried chicken, head on over to “our company”. Obviously you wouldn’t change your mission statement or slogan, but the copy detailing your services or story of your company can be reworded.     
  • Adding video footage and photos help your site’s ranking. Don’t forget to add the Alt Text.
  • Add new information, in addition to reorganizing. A blog site on your website is a great way to add new content. Updated, accurate information is one of the top things you can provide to make your site effective.

Don’t think you’re up for the task? Find a friend who is good with words or hire our team at Klemtek where we have professional writers who are capable of making these revisions for you.

How Often Should I Update My Site Content?

Basically, as often as possible. We say at least once a month you should try to update current pages or add new pages. However, it is proven that adding new blog posts at least once a week increases your site rank exponentially.

Need help with making your website the best in its class? Schedule a consultation with us at Klemtek or contact us for more information.