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Best Practices for Using Tik Tok to Market Your Business

What is TickTok? Behind the funny and interesting video content, the Tik Tok app is a formidable marketing machine. At its core, the Chinese social media platform allows you to post short videos as well as add filters and embed preset Tik Tok songs into them. The fact that it has more than 500 million…

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Are you losing clicks to google

Are You Losing Clicks to Google?

The most recent study from Jumpshot’s data and Sparktoro’s blog have claimed that 48.96% of searches on Google are resulting in zero-clicks to non-Google websites.  Let’s analyze this stat for a moment.  This is not “new” news considering the trend that has been steadily growing up since 2016. As Organic clicks decrease, zero-click rates and…

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mobile first blog

Mobile First: Why It Matters

Mobile First approach is the new standard for web design and online marketing. Since 2014, mobile devices have passed the tipping point and become the primary devices for browsing the internet. According to KPCB mobile technology trends by Mary Meeker, the mobile device media time in the United States is now significantly higher at 51% in comparison…

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diy website builders

DIY Website Builders Are A BAD Idea

You are thinking about having a website for your business, and suddenly, you see the ads everywhere. Wix, Squarespace, and others. Bombarding you with the good news: YOU can make a website yourself, and it’s easy and cheap! Well, so far, that sounds great!. Such applications allow you to design web pages without having knowledge…

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