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Best Practices for Using Tik Tok to Market Your Business

What is TickTok?

Behind the funny and interesting video content, the Tik Tok app is a formidable marketing machine. At its core, the Chinese social media platform allows you to post short videos as well as add filters and embed preset Tik Tok songs into them. The fact that it has more than 500 million users worldwide and is an attractive platform to audiences below the age of 35 makes it a dream come true for most marketers.

Due to its rising popularity, it shouldn’t be a wonder that businesses of all sizes are jumping into this opportunity. It has its easy-to-learn and beautiful user experience to thank for its popularity, as well as the funny and interesting video content that is native to the app. The question is, should you use it in your social media marketing campaigns? How can you also improve your success rate?

Here are some insights to follow:

Key Features of The Tik Tok App

Tik Tok is filled with features that are attractive to any social media manager. Unlike most social media platforms, it has an inbuilt download system that allows users to download content and share it on other platforms. Videos also have watermarks that ensure that wherever your content is shared, your brand name will be present. You can always switch off the sharability of your videos on the privacy setting if you don’t want it. It also has features that make your videos as attractive as possible to its young user base, even though the older generations of millennials are leaning into using the platform day by day.

You can create Tik Tok memes that relate to your business or even add a Tik Tok song into your videos to make your brand message attractive. The Tik Tok Algorithm is mainly run by AI, making it easy for users to identify your content. However, it still has the option of using Hashtags to make your content even more discoverable. You can also jump on hashtags to spread brand awareness.

The Tik Tok Algorithm

The Tik Tok algorithm works just like that of other platforms like Instagram and YouTube. The more time spent on the platform by users, the more information that is collected about their likes and dislikes. The AI behind it all then helps to deliver content and hashtags that match the likes of the viewer.

This will trickle down to the niches you choose, from comedy to pet videos and even gaming, as picking the right one will bring you closer to your audience. The niches on the platform are run by communities of content creators and users looking for new content. It also has a discovery page that allows users to identify other content that might not be on their page. This algorithm makes it easy to run Tik Tok ads and reach out to interested customers consistently.

Increasing Success Chances

Success rates for using the Tik Tok app as part of your social media management initiatives will depend on how well you have researched your target audience. For instance, the best time for posting videos will depend on how often your target audience will be online, and the kind of content they value. The trick is to be consistent, post videos at the right time, ensure that your content resonates with your audience, and measure your engagement rates. You can join Tik Tok challenges, post Tik Tok lyrics, and even use special songs all in the interest of garnering engagement.

The content posted on Tik Tok has most people glued to their screens. People will always be yearning for content, making this a great marketing opportunity for business with Gen Z and Millennial audiences. If you feel that maneuvering through the intricacies of Tik Tok marketing might be challenging for your staff, you can always outsource this task. Contact Klemtek Media today to help you market your business on Tik Tok and measure success.